As a ‘lay-man’, you may think that photographing in direct sunlight may be a dream situation for any Kent wedding photographer. Whereas the direct natural light may make you glow and look your brightest, it doesn’t exactly do Kent wedding photography that many favours. Of course, we all pray that it doesn’t rain on your big day, but we also much rather hold a photo-shoot in a location where we can control the light. This way, we get to capture every given detail intentionally instead of taking what the sun may give us. Wedding photographers like Lovepear Photography in Kent agree that a sunlit wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions, but it is also one of the most difficult to shoot. With that in mind, here are some simple ways to use the bright sun to your advantage on your wedding day photo shoots.

1. Follow your photographers instructions

As much as it is your big day and as much as you should get exactly what you want, it is your Kent wedding photographer’s job to ensure that you look your absolute best in your portraits and wedding photos. And as such it is their duty to position you properly, especially when photographing on a hot sunny day. Direct light from the sun can wreck havoc on a perfectly beautiful picture. The light is difficult to control, unlike unnatural lighting from the camera crew, which means there will be some details missing in your photo depending on your position. Trust that your wedding photographer knows what they are doing and that they can position you in the best place to capture and make the most of the sunlight.

2. Have fun with it

On a beautiful sunlight day, people are often in high spirits. Why not keep with the theme and have as much fun as you can with the blessed sunlight? If your venue is anywhere near a beach, go there and have as much fun having your photos taken. It is best to make this as informal as possible to ensure that the sunlight is included in each and every picture; it will be the 12th man in your wedding team, so to speak.

As important as off-camera lighting is, sometimes, nature simply insists on playing a huge role in your wedding photos. In such a case, your best course of action would be to trust that your Kent wedding photographer is well equipped to handle such situations and that you can make the most of this beautiful day and get ecstatic images out of it.